Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Windows 7 Commands

                                    Windows 7 Command Every User Must Know

1. System File Checker:- is a great tool to check system files integrity. If any file found missing or         corrupt they will be replaced with new one with this command.

    Command is:-     sfc /scannow

2. Device Driver checker:- Incorrect device driver can create many problems. You can check installed     device drivers by using this command.
    Command is:- driverquery

    for more information use :- driverquery -v

3. Ping:- Ping command is used to check the network connectivity. you can ping a IP address or a           Domain name.
    Example:- ping

4. Trace Route:- Trace route command is used to track the path from source computer or router to           destination device/ Address:-
     In windows command is :-

5. Net view:- This command is used to view connected system in a LAN.

   Command is :- netview

6. Net use:- This command is used to check the active Remote desktop sessions.
    command is:- net use

7. IP Config:- This command can be used in multiple way with different switches

A). To check the IP address :-  ipconfig

B). To release IP address provided by DHCP:- ipconfig /release

C). To get new Ip address from DHCP:- ipconfig /renew

8. Tasklist:- When task manager will not work, you can check and kill tasks from command line with these commands:


9. Find Your System MAC

  Command is:- getmac

10.You can drag and drop folder in command line to call the folder path.

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