Friday, 4 September 2015

New Hard Drive Partition Windows 7

How to Create New Hard Dive Partition or Divide Existing Partition

1. Right click on Computer icon and go to "Manage"

2. Click on Disk Management


Go to Run and type"Diskmgmt.msc"

3. To create new partition Right click on "unallocated" space and select "New Simple Volume"

4. Click Next
5. Specify space for New Partition and click Next
6.Choose Drive letter and click Next
7.Select format file system and click Next
8. Click Finish.

To Divide Existing Partition

1. Go to Disk Management and right click on partition which you wants to shrink
2. Click on Shrink Volume

3. Enter the space, how much you wants to shrink
4.Click on Shrink

5. You will get new free space
6. Now repeat step to create New partition form free space.
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