Thursday, 15 October 2015

Windows 10 New Features

Microsoft has launched its new operating system "Windows 10".
Now it is free for existing Microsoft existing users. People who are using windows 7 can upgrade to Windows 10 for free.

Today I'am going to introduce some cool and new Windows 10 Features.

1. Start Menu :- Windows 10 comes with new and stylish start menu, which contain more feature than windows 7. Start menu was removed from Windows 8.

2. Web Store :- Windows 10 Web store contain a huge collection of free and paid application.

3. Cortana :- Cortana is a virtual assistant that can help you find all online and hard drive information.


4. Edge Browser :- Window 10 replaced Internet Explorer with new "Edge" Browser. Edge Browser provide better speed and web slickness.

5. Task Viewer :- Windows 10 contain new running task viewer.

6. Action Center :- Find complete system notification on single place

7. Improved Graphics:- Windows 10 has very good looking user interface.
8.Speed :- Speed is the main feature of windows 10. Boot and shutdown time is very fast.

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